samedi 7 novembre 2015

A bottle in the wind (new post)

A bottle in the wind
She flots aimlessly till he claimed it
Feeling sorrow and sentiments
She ignored the signs
She brought the messages to the gods
She thought she saw recklessness and freedom
She couldn't afford to be broken
Fragile glass of wonder
Her love nestled in her heart
She let her soul shine through
A delicate glass of love
It turned out the glass was full
The finest wine to rest
Another heart to pour
Another sign to deliver
Would she be fooled
Would she be broken?
She wished she could fondle
This wall of glass is outdated
She longed for melting
In his embrace
In his mouth so sweet

Sigh... she melts like fire.

Sabsam789 poetry xx

mardi 25 août 2015

Special promote of a book i read not so long ago.

I am truly delighted to present you Monica David, here on this special page. She wrote a wonderful hot read for your pleasure and mine, please go take a look! It's free for a few more hours!


Resume :
Braid of Tongues: Not every mistake is black and white (Braids Book 1)
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jeudi 16 juillet 2015

Poetry in Motion : Angel

I gave it all to my angel
From a heart so painful
She grasped the essence of love
And gave it to me unannounced
I cried for years under her magnificent shade
She believed in the most poignant love
And told me no tears should be allowed
When such heart was given freely to enjoy
I believed in her stance,
Her hands as open as her spirit
When she finally gave up
To die petrified in a glow of peace

I was there left alone
One precious star brightly shinning
I followed her above
She reigned on my future
She was all I had


A friend of mine online lost recently a very dear friend lady of his childhood, she was a true beauty, may she rest in peace.

Les amoureux / The lovers (Translated FR / ENG)

Les amoureux

Éternelle présence du désir charnel
Fusion explicite de corps puissants
Provoquant le regard sur une fesse sinueuse
Laisser la primauté à l'oeuvre de la main
Urgence à attiser la flamme
Se rendre vers l'extrême extase
Pantelant de désirs martelé
L'instant s'envole dans la glaise indélébile
Votre amour m'est tout
Précieux jusque dans la mort

(écrits sur des photos de sculptures de Jean-Claude Callaud, magnifiques que vous pouvez voir sur facebook à la page )

The lovers

Eternal presence of carnal desire
Explicit fusion of powerful bodies
Provoking a look on a curvy ass
Leave primacy to the work of the hand
Urgency to fan the flame
Tend to extreme ecstasy 

Hammered panting desires
The moment flies into the indelible clay  
Your love is all to me 
Precious even in death

(written on photos of sculptures from Jean-Claude Callaud, see facebook page above ;))

mercredi 8 juillet 2015

Beautiful Flower / Fleur (Translated ENG / FR)

Sur une photo transmise dans Google+ par Keep CoolBen (groupe l'écrit ou la photo) --> les 2 pour moi ;) merci à lui de me laisser utiliser et reproduire ici les 2. 

Magnifique fleur,
Des illusions perdues,
Désillusion intensément érotique
Laisser le jeu découvrir ses hasards
Heureux ou malheureux, la flamme lèche
Sa première bouffée d'oxygène en fractales
Infinies de tendresse, si brûlante de désirs inassouvis.


On a photo sent by Keep CoolBen in Google+ (group Writing or photography) -> Both for me ;) thank you to Ben for letting me use and reproduce both.

Beautiful flower,
Lost illusions,
Intensely erotic disillusionment
Allow the game to discover its hazards
Happy or unhappy, the flame licks
His first breath of oxygen in fractals
Infinite tenderness, so burning of unfulfilled desires.

Horizons ( transcript of an arabic text, not mine! Translated ENG / FR )

Retranscription d'un poème écrit en arabe (je ne lis pas l'arabe), écrit et traduit par Abdel Ghanou (sur Google+).

Je me permets de reproduire ici la retranscription que j'ai faite de ce texte superbe. Même si malheureusement je ne pourrais jamais le lire dans sa version d'origine, j'espère en avoir retranscrit le sens au mieux de mes possibilités. Ce texte mérite une traduction en anglais, même si encore une fois le risque de dénaturer le texte est grand ;)

Je ne saurais dire à quel point ce texte me touche, il y a plus que les mots, la vie, quelque chose d'éternel. Cela m'a brûlé les doigts de le réécrire.

L'amour peut venir d'autres horizons
Et les rêves devenir réalité dans les derniers instants de la vie
Le soleil peut briller dans le coucher d'un astre sans âge
Et les roses fleurir à l'automne de notre vieillesse
A l'aube de cet âge les contes peuvent naitre en germes de vérités
L'âge de raison est atteint, oublions les précautions de la jeunesse
Encore verts pour démarrer une nouvelle vie quand la fin est proche
La pluie tombe encore quand l'hiver est passé
Il n'y a rien pour nous arrêter quand le temps de l'amour est là
L'amour est le pinceau de nos vies décolorées
Baguette magique qui transcende, retour aux sources
Pour prendre une nouvelle route, de nouvelles forces
Et recommencer encore et toujours une nouvelle page, une nouvelle histoire.


Transcript of a poem written in Arabic (I do not read Arabic), written and translated by Abdel Ghanou (on Google+).

Let me reproduce here the transcript I made of this beautiful text. Although unfortunately I could never read in its original version, I hope I have transcribed the meaning to the best of my abilities. This text deserves an English translation, although once again the risk of distorting the text is great ;)

I cannot say how much this text touched me, there are more than words, life, something eternal. It burned my fingers to rewrite it again.

Love come from other horizons
And dreams come true in the last moments of life
Sun shine in the evening of an ageless star
And roses bloom in the fall of our old age
At dawn, tales may be born in germs of truths
Age of reason has been reached, forget youth cautions
Still green to start a new life when the end is near
The rain still falls when winter is past
There is nothing to stop us when it's time for love
Love is a paintbrush of our faded lives
Magic wand which transcends, back to origins
To take new roads, new forces
And begin again, and always, a new page, a new story.

samedi 4 juillet 2015

Love over chat box

This is after midnight
A nightly pleasure in a few words
Make him come for you
At the point of no return
Buldge lightly in heaven
Shake it all once and over
This beautiful sight never fades
The animal can go wild
But will he be true to his word
Reality needs a check
I can't live in my dreams anymore
Any opportunity is to grasp
Whatever it lasts
Whatever it takes
Before it's too late
A small risk in the end
The ball is over
Cinderella is no more